Drippin In Urban Swagu!

 Its been a slow day. However, I had just enough time to get my clothes organized and I as always, my rummaging through piles of clothes turned into a fiasco. 


 I spotted this two-tone maxi dress, and through it on, to just lounge in, but within an hour after sliding this comfy beauty on, my bff came in and said lets go out for drinks and good cuisine.

So... there you have it! I dressed up my maxi with with a single layer of denim and paired it with animal print (leopard) within the same color scheme as my dress. A simple pick-me-up for a night on the town. 

xo, Morgan-Ashley


  1. love the maxi and the wedges :)

    It's too cold in england to wear anything along those lines, i'm slightly jealous!


    1. Thanks a bunch! Don't be jealous, I'm kind of over the heat, and I'm ready to bundle up and layer my Fall wardrobe.