Stylegasm: Winter POP!

Forever 21 Leggings, Cardi, and  Vest I DIY. VS Pink Bra. Gifted Boots. My Brand (Slum Rich) of Colored Lip Balm
 The burst of energy I had today with this photo-shoot was amazing. These Arizona gloomy days won't destroy my positive wardrobe vibes. Manipulating my wardrobe is the best part of my day, and I personally enjoy having a unique style. It's unique, vibrant, and BAD ASS!


Everybody U.G.L.Y.

 My Brand "Slum Rich" Skullies/Beanies. 
U.G.L.Y. (U.Gotta.Love.Yourself.)


My DIY Lip Balm.

 My Slum Rich Brand of Accessories and NOW Cosmetics!!! I'm rocking The all natural "Aqua Maui" Lip Color!!! I'm sooooo excited that I have created Lip Balms that are all natural and very hydrating!


Work Break!

Skully: Slum Rich (My Brand), Glasses: Forever 21 , Pants: HM , Sneakers: Jordans

Feeling very vibrant! I'm excited about tons of things approaching in the near future, and good news keeps rolling in. I can't wait to share all of the good news with you all. As for now, I've been sitting in front of my tech gadgets, and have been consumed with Styling and social media. I'm such a dork, I should feel a bit of shame, but I don't! hahaha! 


Oh Yes... Snapshots!

There's a weirdo in my head... I call her sleepless muse! That weirdo won't allow me to sleep the past few nights, I've been up until 7am, the last few nights! No complaints, I'll just keep wishing upon a star to possibly fall asleep before 7am... even 6:59am will be a major improvement. lol!