Work Break!

Skully: Slum Rich (My Brand), Glasses: Forever 21 , Pants: HM , Sneakers: Jordans

Feeling very vibrant! I'm excited about tons of things approaching in the near future, and good news keeps rolling in. I can't wait to share all of the good news with you all. As for now, I've been sitting in front of my tech gadgets, and have been consumed with Styling and social media. I'm such a dork, I should feel a bit of shame, but I don't! hahaha! 

 I'm sooooooo into mixing prints and having fun, even when I'm in my studio, I like to be comfy and feel electric. It keeps me going. I feel like when I wear to much black (usual staple on the go) my mood caters to it. Especially when I glance out my window and the sun is not in sight.

What do you do to keep focused at work on gloomy days?


  1. Need to find those pants!

  2. Amazing cool shots. Your leo bra looks rad <3

  3. Looks like you have had lots fun!