Oh Yes... Snapshots!

There's a weirdo in my head... I call her sleepless muse! That weirdo won't allow me to sleep the past few nights, I've been up until 7am, the last few nights! No complaints, I'll just keep wishing upon a star to possibly fall asleep before 7am... even 6:59am will be a major improvement. lol!

My late nights and early mornings, has allowed me too discover new beauty marks on my neck and incoming freckle around my eyes! The irony, of not knowing, I felt very unaware, and I now that I know I can't stop looking at my new moles! 

STOP!!!! I wonder if constantly searching for new imperfections, in which I love, is keeping me up all night?

 Maybe... eh?

On the bright side, my lack of sleep has me randomly knocking out without putting on my hair bonnet and I learned that I truly love my bed head curls. I haven't retouched, or twist my strands in four days now, and I have to admit that this may cause confusion in my hair care schedule. :)

-xx, Morgan AShley

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