Lets get Skintimate!

you can purchase at a vitamin store, or walgreens.
Okay, A bunch of friends and random faces has been asking me how do I get my skin to Glow and my hair so shiny and healthy? Well, I take Biotin (5000 mg) capsules once daily, which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, and the yes, this tiny capsule packs a mean punch. I also take Flax-seed capsules (I pop and add to a meal) 3x daily. The flax-seeds have great fatty acids which keeps my skin glowing and my hair looking like I'm always ready for a photoshoot. 

I have a natural hair and skin care regimen I'll be posting this week that I know you'll love! 

In the meantime, what's your beauty secrets?

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  1. i may try the flaxseed but biotin gives me a mean headache :( interested to know the rest of your routine...