The Basics.

 Sooooo let me explain what's really going on in these self ports. Me and my timer were not friends today and for some reason while posing my music decided to skip. Seriously!!! There must be a ghost in here because the last time i checked Ipods don't skip lol! I'm listening to "Party and Bullsh*t" by Rita Ora having a grand ol' time lounging in my basics.

 Basics play a huge roll in my wardrobe, due to all the traffic I'm always in on a daily with styling, and catching up with friends, I like to be Edgy, Chic, and Comfortable.

 These ultimate flared pants I dug out of a sample sale a few years ago have finally had time to shine on a beautiful day. I've only worn these babies three times, mainly because they are to recognizable. So when I do pull them out, I try to go everywhere, because I might not wear them for another year or two lol! 

Pants-Sample Sale LA, Top-F21, Black rings & Bracelets-Slum Rich, Gold Cross Bracelet-Coolington
I hope everyone is having a great day, and looking fly even in your basics. Dress them up, or dress them down, they go within every style concept. 

How do you incorporate your basics within your wardrobe?


  1. LOVE those pants!!



  2. I love it! Your style is so cute. V-necks are always a good basic thing to play with when it comes to style.

    -Chymere Anais