For starters...

Static Intel is the source of Universal style. Indulging in many facets of old and new fashions both personal and inspirational. However, just like most creative beings, Static Intel will interact with food lust, travel, style sightings, DIY projects, and many more creative outlets.

  I'm Morgan Ashley, your EIC (Editor In Chief), born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca but currently vacationing and  visiting different destinations while having a "seek inspiration" binge. Stylist, Accessory Designer, and Product Developer by Trade, Socialite and Nightlife enthusiast by nature.

  Quick PSA:
  •  Chuck Taylors on the run, PR style - Stiletto always in my bag. Natural Hair & Skin care addict.
 Must have:
  • Diamond earrings, mascara, liquid eyeliner, iPhone, camera, notebook, and my bestfriend (Photographer for Static Intel) lol!
Intern Upgrade:
  • Designer for Slum Rich apparel and Accessories.

For the love of fashion 
Static Intel is all about exaggerating your budget for your expensive taste. I'll showcase hi and low styles, that will surely excite the eye with mixing and matching designers known and up and coming. This site was welcomed in my brain to expose what I've learned in the fashion industry as well as what I am still gaining knowledge about. Fashion is fun and Static Intel is adventurous. Its your one-stop e-window shop (giggles) for my style mash-ups and every once in a while I'll venture out into other genres of the arts.

What Can I Do For YOU?

Great thing about Static.Intel is the information you receive through "Clothes Communication".

Travel by appointment:
  • Re-vamp your closet
  • On-site Style consultations
  • Online style consultations via Skype and/or Oovoo.
Class is in session:
  • Seasonal videos on updating your wardrobe, working in classic pieces, DIY projects, and on-location outings.

Wardrobe: Charlotte Russe Tank I distressed, F21 liquid leggings, Slum Rich accessories, Nike sports bra.
 Be the muse,
  xo - Static.Intel


  1. I love the concept and I can definitely already see potential growth. Thanks for stopping by my personal blog to comment. On a business level, I too am into the arts and I am building a brand as well so I look forward to connecting with you more in the future!

    And I'm moving to L.A. next year! how cool is that that you are from there = ))

    Chymere Anais

    1. Your going to Love LA sooooo much, I love my city its full of things to do. I'm in and out of the city, I'm on a traveling binge, seeking inspiration from different destinations, but when I'm home, I love it!

      Thanks a bunch!